Cockermouth Cricket Club has been one of the staples of the local community for nearly 200 years. Founded in 1823 Cockermouth CC have only ever lived at the Sandair ground or as it's now known as - The Raymond Denham Oval at Sandair. This is in homage to our longest serving member, groundsman and former player Raymond Denham who is still regularly hard at work every week at the ground.

The club has evolved throughout its long history. From 1900-1950 saw the pavilion move opposite sides to its current position in the ground as well as the beginning to real changes and improvements to the club facilities


From 1950 onwards we dramatically improved the facilities, introducing larger changing rooms, a licensed bar and parking by the pavilion.


We have been extremely lucky to have had incredible people be part of the club and they are largely responsible for the survival and prospering of Cockermouth CC.


One of those people, George Todhunter, was a true gent and tirelessly worked to organise and develop the club into what it is today. George's expertise in design and project management really improved the club over the past 25 years, helping to create thriving pavilion facilities as well as steer the work revitalising the ground after the devastating 2009 floods. Sadly George is no longer with us but he left a legacy that we can all aspire to work towards in continuing to improve the club. In 2017 the pavilion became the George Todhunter Pavilion where you can also find his name up on the life members board.


As we approach the 2022 season, we sit as well established and well ran club looking for more success in the next 10 years. We have further improved our facilities reconfiguring the clubhouse, installing a larger more modern bar, bi-fold doors and a lowered ceiling for better insulation. 

All of this history is underpinned by the work of the committee members, coaches and other volunteers that have stepped up to help develop the club over the years. We wouldn't be anywhere without this work and we wouldn't be a club that has consistently created top players that have fed through the club's cricket system.