Flood Recovery

Since the flood the club have received many generous offers of support which has ranged from cash to equipment.  For a full list please click here.  The club are extremely grateful for their help during this difficult time.

During the night of 19th November 2009 the town of Cockermouth was hit by flood water.  As well as the well documented damage to homes and businesses, the town's cricket club suffered serious and costly damage.

Aerial Photos of the flood waters

The three photos above are reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights Reserved

As  you can see there was significant material deposited over the entire ground.  The clear up is under way to remove this and repair the access road but it is a time consuming process.

The water has devastated the three all weather practice facility the club had.  This was used regulary by both senior and junior players during formal training sessions as well as others using it to focus their skills at other times of the week.  It is a vital facility to ensure the quality of cricket plated at the club is maintained.

Club members have been working very hard to clear as much of the debris as possible from the ground.  But as you can see, there is a lot to shift!

It was not only the ground that was effected, but there was significant damage to the club house as well.  This was only extended and re-furbished last year.  As the photo shows, there floor was badly damaged and needs replacing.  There was also damage to the cellar and bar area too.

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