100 Club

Why not join the Cockermouth Cricket Club 100 club. Each month there are 4 prizes, one of £50 and three of £10, but these amounts could increase with more members. You can get a form by downloading it from the link below.


100 CLUB UPDATE – January 2018

Remember, the CCC 100 Club gives out £1000 in prize money every year. Join today, support your local cricket club and be a winner like these:

Recent £50 winners - S Morgan (x2), A Taylor, S Tinnion, M Chastney and J Ward.

Recent £10 winners - F Buchanan, D Beeby (x2), N Mandale (x2), G Minshaw, H Dobie, B Philipson, S Styles, D White, D Capstick, R Heydon, C Rawlinson, I Buchanan, L Buchanan, B Mitchelhill, S Tinnion, E Field, R Denham, A Armett.

Anyone wishing to join should contact Chris Hendry or alternatively contact a club committee member. It costs only £4.30 per month, supports the club and offers great chances to win cash prizes.

Mike Chastney,
12 Aug 2013, 02:58